Friday, December 2, 2016

Chatting about Intuitive Art with Tracy Algar, Artist

Hi everybody,

Welcome! Today's guest is intuitive and mixed media artist Tracy Algar from South Africa. I connected with Tracy on social media some while ago. As you know I enjoy getting to know other artists and seeing what they are up to. I immediately loved the use of symbols, the mystery and the beautiful colors in Tracy's artwork. I especially like her palette combinations with reds and blues. She told me she uses the paints straight from the bottle but also mixes her own. Her favourite blue is a mix for example. She also loves mixing color straight onto the canvas. So, let's meet Tracy Algar!

Photo of Tracy holding up one of her art prints ("Flowerhead 6")
at one of her pop-up gallery events at Moon & Bird Studio.


Hi, my name is Tracy Algar. I am an intuitive artist living a rural existence close to the southernmost tip of Africa. I started making art in my late-thirties (7 years ago) following an urge that made no sense to me at the time. I did not consider myself artistic or even creative. I also experienced the realisation then that I didn’t know myself at all. I had been travelling through life on autopilot and not making my choices consciously. I was vaguely aware of my desires and dreams, but felt completely unable to make them into a reality. I felt disconnected, anxious and depressed.

My intuitive art process developed over a period of time and through many experiences of trying to make art and becoming frustrated in classes and when trying to ‘force’ myself to draw or paint something that I was being told to by an outside source. It didn’t feel good and I preferred doodling in my sketchbook and just allowing the drawing or painting to form itself there. The drawings that I just allowed to happen had something that my ‘forced’ art didn’t. An energy, or perhaps a truth?

"Untitled", Intuitive Doodle Drawing, Pen on Notebook Paper, A5.

I discovered that making this form of doodle art improved the way I felt in the world. It was as if the drawing explained something to me on a conscious level that until then I’d only understood on an unconscious level. Over time I came to realise that my intuition was guiding the drawings and bringing me messages from my unconscious. I was learning to hear myself!

Then I began to paint using the same “just start and see where it leads” idea. The paintings were interesting. I was fascinated by them because they were explaining me to myself. What really surprised me was that by listening to my intuition in my painting, I was becoming more sensitive to my intuition in all aspects of my life.

That’s when things really got exciting.

"Green(wo)man", Intuitive Painting, Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastel & Oil Based Pencil on Watercolour Paper, 38 cm x 28 cm, the first painting that I sold in 2013.

I began to fine-tune my intentional creativity. Many of my paintings at this stage mapped out what I most desired and how I was going to achieve these desires, along with an expression of my emotions around the achievement of them. I was setting strong intentions with my paintings. And as I painted I prepared the ground for changes in my life.

And the changes happened. I left the city and moved to a farm in the Overberg. My anxiety has subsided and I feel refreshed and grateful every day for the fresh air and the space to breathe and do the work I feel called to do.

"Flowerhead 7", Intuitive Painting, Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastel, Oil Based Pencil & Ink on Masonite60 cm x 40cm,
the painting where I mapped out my move to the country.

The latest development in my exciting journey of change and discovery through intuitive art is holding workshops and working with other women to discover themselves through intuitive art. Now I feel like I’m living the leading role in my life, rather than just being an extra.

I use intuitive art in different ways. Sometimes to tell a story, sometimes to find out more about something that’s troubling me, and sometimes to set an intention. 

I have a website where you can see more of my work and read about my workshop.  I enjoy connecting on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Thank you so much Tracy for connecting and sharing your work and views on intuitive art with us!

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